Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The meeting of souls

There's something so magical about the darkness of the night, the enticing whisper of the evening breeze. Fear not my dear because there would be no day without night, no light without darkness. 
The magic of the sweet nothingness, so mellow, that it brings the moon to life, shining so enchantingly with its impeccable radiance. 

Find this to be the ultimate freedom. Freedom from fear, entrapment. 
Own the night, find guidance in the light that is you.

Sitting in the mountain so high. The world at my feet, for this moment, this moment right here. I am. I am all there will be, there is and has ever been.
Wrapped up in the warm blanket of my strength, shielded by my humble nature, my vulnerability protects me like an guardian angel. 
Right here, right now I am at one with myself: that sweet innocent little girl, that stubborn rebellious young lady and that warm maternal wise woman have all come to gather, come together.
This is a meeting of connections, meeting of omnipresent energies, a meeting of ubiquitous spirits. Turns out this right here was destined, like a forced, pre determined marriage. Only to take place when the seasons change, fruits are fertile, ready to cultivate. 
This is the moment they all waited for, this is the moment, the magical moment the glorious torch is passed. 
The very deep breath that once was promised, that one very specific, exhilarating final deep breath that brought all these souls to life. 
There was something majestic, beyond epic about this bloodline, setting souls on fire everywhere they touched down while being the very heroes that saved souls.

This right here is your front row ticket to witness greatness, the moment one cycle ends another begins. Day meets night. The sun finally meets the love of its existence.

We give thee earth to keep you grounded and feed you, fire to stir life into all that is around you, water to give you endless & pure strength, the wind to guide and give you peace.
We shall meet again my dear, we shall meet again in the next full moon and sunrise, we shall meet again by the mighty old tree that is our life force when your time comes. 
Until then always remember you are not alone, trust in you and all that protects you. All the answers you carry within you, be kind to yourself. Always be kind to yourself my dear.