Monday, 17 March 2014

                                                  Unfamiliar worlds

There comes a time in your journey that you need to completely immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world, in order to fully understand your own journey.

I understand that it may seem like a daunting task but ul be greatful you took the leap, because the flames always come to fear the soul that dares turn the furnace into their own personal catwalk.

Appreciate hardship, thrive off the adrenaline rush that is the difficult detours of the journey, understand the the delicate balance of the universe your skull shields, the stealth which is harboured by your rib cage.
Master your elements then, once you achieve this incessantly, only then you will be ready to enter the battlefield with infinite strength. Consume all the energy in the battlefield, master the art of fray.
The most efficient, successful warrior needs never be violent fore he has mastered himself.
Without challenges, obstacles and hurdles you cannot achieve this.
Master thee first to take on the brave new world to handle stumbling blocks that the foreign land presents.

Without faith, hope and love in your heart you will stumble at the start line. Come correct with your peace, stay in control of your actions and then you'll be ready. With great power comes great obligation.

Take a deep breath, know that you wasn't destined for greatness, you are in fact greatness. Meditate for your battle, medicate your soul with peace and love for your heart.
I see you, I see your shadow, think of me before your embark on your battle. Consume the ground with your essence. Bless it with the light of your energy. Give thanks every day and night. Alhamdulilah for what has been, for this moment and all that is to come.