Friday, 11 April 2014

Life is like a full on collision, you either go hard, come prepared and be a winner or remain disoriented and focus more on the audience than the star player and become the victim.
                                                            The collision
Spend more time on yourself, build you before you can attempt taking on an empire. The one that's the most self sufficient has a better chance of not only providing for himself but also his whole domain. Set goals, make notes. Proof read them, shattered those notes into millions of little pieces and rebuild stronger and more resilient from the foundation of your original script.
Be sure to thank the almighty every night before you go to bed, make peace with the day and the people that have crossed your path on this journey of yours. Thank the almighty every morning for the blessing that is another chance and opportunity to become the very best version of you. Keep striving, keep praying, keep smiling and you'll become the very definition of a majestic light.
Learn to appreciate your growth, embrace all the lessons that have been. The ones in motion and the ones to come.
Everything your going through is preparing you for what you asked for. Everything the universe has to offer is yours for the taking. Come prepared warrior of light. Recognise the strength of your energy, practice with your spirit. Never fail to respect time and it's true value and lessons.
The best way forward is forgiveness, whether it be yourself, your past or the ones you love or the repeated disappointments.
Please promise to be kind to you, forever be kind to you. No matter the circumstances or the mistakes you have made over the years. See all those dark times, those difficult lessons they were meant to happen. The almighty doesn't throw nothing you can't handle your way. Have faith, trust in you. Forever be your first love, remember this right here, right now is the best moment, the right moment to make a difference. Forget saving the planet, feeding the poor or finding the right partner. You'll be surprised how the universe aligns for you once you achieve peace with yourself.
This right here is the best moment to be at one with nature, kick your shoes off, dance under the stars, let mother earths pure energy surge right through you. You are the master of this collision that's about to take place. So buckle up and own your history.