Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Old home

My old home was a place of beauty, a place where they sat around the campfire by the old tree and mastered the art of spoken word. Men so eloquently, flawlessly & oh so seductively moved the masses with their words. The women, by god the women, were true lionesses with grace that put the gazelles to shame. The beat of their drum had their men move the pyramids.
My old home was a place of strength, the fathers were hunters & camel herders and their children were the apprentices. The mothers built and managed their homes with the grounding of mountains, the immense power of the oceans with the warmth of the gentle evening breeze. They were Mother Earth in human form.
My old home was a place of immense riches. We traded in textiles, livestock, frankincense & myrrh, mother of pearl. The world was our oyster.
My old home was a place the nomads called home. It was the place where they followed the elements, they were one with nature.
My old home was a place i longed to go to for a long time.

True to my ancestors i followed the winds back to its golden sands, the mesmerising & never ending coastline.

My old home is no longer where the noble nomad souls dwell anymore. The captivating and ever seductive smells of frankincense & myrrh have been replaced by diesel fumes & burning coal. My old home has been burned down, stripped, spat on, silenced & crippled.
My old home is a graveyard, a place where even the dead aren't left alone to rest in peace.
The big old tree that was once the gathering grounds for friends has turned to ashes. Instead of hearing sweet compilations of the poems i hear the echoes of a mothers tears, a daughters faint whisper & see a fathers ghost floating helplessly causing havoc. The son is all thats left, he's a vampire. The vampire that slit his fathers throat for a fix, stole the clothes off his sisters back to clean up the mess he made blaming her for his crimes, fore her cloth carries their family blood.
His children don't know that once upon a time their people were great warriors & lovers. All they know is when the sun sets they must feed.

My old home was a place of beauty.

Sunday, 24 May 2015


I am grateful to be blessed enough to be your gateway to this world. I am humbled by the responsibility bestowed upon me by the creator, to help guide you in this world. 
I promise to teach you all that I know so that you will be the strongest, kindest yet humble being. To be at peace with yourself, to know your worth. To respect and honour all that is within and around you. To wake up each morning grateful that you get to see another day, follow your trail. Leave your mark in the universe. To know that life is balance. To have faith but understand the importance of acting, fore actions speak louder than words. Whatever will be will be, but you are given free will, a mind to think with, a spirit to feel with and a soul to recognise your journey. Choose wisely, always choose wisely. Don't ever get trapped into thinking you didn't have a choice. Sometimes life won't give you rosy options but the choice is always yours to make and live with. Dare to dream with all your might and you will see the elements all fighting to see you succeed. Your soul knows what you may not realise yet, what you want at your core is already searching for you. Whatever you do don't get lost in the smoke screen this thing called society has put up to distract you. 
I am just another guide in this journey of yours, I may not always do best by you but I always want the best for you. But ultimately you and only you know what's best for you.