Friday, 24 January 2014

Know your worth

 Know your worth, beautiful stranger. The material world was created by the invincible world. True worth is beyond the physical, it’s the invincible part that makes you. Its what cant be seen by the naked eye that is your most valuable asset. Be not fooled by the bright lights and false promises of a paradise, for your inner fire is the final piece that brings the puzzle together and makes an impeccable, flawless landscape.
You are truly wealthy when you can stay clam in the midst of adversity, stack up on one of the most valuable assets you can acquire; peace of mind. People will take a lot from you. Your truth, hope and peace of mind should never be what you give up.
 Make reconciliation with your spirits, be your minds best friend, your hearts first love and your souls other half. Then and only then can you complete another being and the forces may be with you, beautiful stranger. Be a loyal employee to love, in all its shapes and forms. Clock up on over time. Like a mother, never able to clock out. Be sturdy as your foundation, light as a feather, graceful like the north wind when you embrace love. Sometimes we forget that love is lifes most valued mistress, death its soul mate. Bare this in mind, meditate to this.
Your stop is coming up, beautiful stranger. Make me proud; forever reminisce on the part of your journey we shared, the advice, laughter and most importantly guard your greatest valuable asset, peace of mind, like the rare gem that it is. Know your worth.   

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

                                                                                                                                                         Take a walk with me

 I want you to lay down your armour, I want your spirit. Fly away with me to another time and space. To a lifetime where we create our own universe, take my hand and bring the angel in me to life. Caress my wings gently, breath your fire when I take flight. Feel the drum that is my heart beat, hear the colours in my breath. Let the pitch of my voice arrest you, direct you. Trust in me, I want to take you to that galaxy, it is you I want bringing the shadow that puts the rainbow to bed so quietly. The earth has abandoned thee like a disloyal lover, come with me to the other side where the garden of memories exists. Lets go hunting for precious moments, dig for freedom with me, plant hope with me, lets pick the fruits of allevation, sit on the bench of happiness, lets walk down to the fountain of love and up to the path of eternity. What do you see my warrior?