Friday, 11 April 2014

Life is like a full on collision, you either go hard, come prepared and be a winner or remain disoriented and focus more on the audience than the star player and become the victim.
                                                            The collision
Spend more time on yourself, build you before you can attempt taking on an empire. The one that's the most self sufficient has a better chance of not only providing for himself but also his whole domain. Set goals, make notes. Proof read them, shattered those notes into millions of little pieces and rebuild stronger and more resilient from the foundation of your original script.
Be sure to thank the almighty every night before you go to bed, make peace with the day and the people that have crossed your path on this journey of yours. Thank the almighty every morning for the blessing that is another chance and opportunity to become the very best version of you. Keep striving, keep praying, keep smiling and you'll become the very definition of a majestic light.
Learn to appreciate your growth, embrace all the lessons that have been. The ones in motion and the ones to come.
Everything your going through is preparing you for what you asked for. Everything the universe has to offer is yours for the taking. Come prepared warrior of light. Recognise the strength of your energy, practice with your spirit. Never fail to respect time and it's true value and lessons.
The best way forward is forgiveness, whether it be yourself, your past or the ones you love or the repeated disappointments.
Please promise to be kind to you, forever be kind to you. No matter the circumstances or the mistakes you have made over the years. See all those dark times, those difficult lessons they were meant to happen. The almighty doesn't throw nothing you can't handle your way. Have faith, trust in you. Forever be your first love, remember this right here, right now is the best moment, the right moment to make a difference. Forget saving the planet, feeding the poor or finding the right partner. You'll be surprised how the universe aligns for you once you achieve peace with yourself.
This right here is the best moment to be at one with nature, kick your shoes off, dance under the stars, let mother earths pure energy surge right through you. You are the master of this collision that's about to take place. So buckle up and own your history.

Monday, 17 March 2014

                                                  Unfamiliar worlds

There comes a time in your journey that you need to completely immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world, in order to fully understand your own journey.

I understand that it may seem like a daunting task but ul be greatful you took the leap, because the flames always come to fear the soul that dares turn the furnace into their own personal catwalk.

Appreciate hardship, thrive off the adrenaline rush that is the difficult detours of the journey, understand the the delicate balance of the universe your skull shields, the stealth which is harboured by your rib cage.
Master your elements then, once you achieve this incessantly, only then you will be ready to enter the battlefield with infinite strength. Consume all the energy in the battlefield, master the art of fray.
The most efficient, successful warrior needs never be violent fore he has mastered himself.
Without challenges, obstacles and hurdles you cannot achieve this.
Master thee first to take on the brave new world to handle stumbling blocks that the foreign land presents.

Without faith, hope and love in your heart you will stumble at the start line. Come correct with your peace, stay in control of your actions and then you'll be ready. With great power comes great obligation.

Take a deep breath, know that you wasn't destined for greatness, you are in fact greatness. Meditate for your battle, medicate your soul with peace and love for your heart.
I see you, I see your shadow, think of me before your embark on your battle. Consume the ground with your essence. Bless it with the light of your energy. Give thanks every day and night. Alhamdulilah for what has been, for this moment and all that is to come.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The meeting of souls

There's something so magical about the darkness of the night, the enticing whisper of the evening breeze. Fear not my dear because there would be no day without night, no light without darkness. 
The magic of the sweet nothingness, so mellow, that it brings the moon to life, shining so enchantingly with its impeccable radiance. 

Find this to be the ultimate freedom. Freedom from fear, entrapment. 
Own the night, find guidance in the light that is you.

Sitting in the mountain so high. The world at my feet, for this moment, this moment right here. I am. I am all there will be, there is and has ever been.
Wrapped up in the warm blanket of my strength, shielded by my humble nature, my vulnerability protects me like an guardian angel. 
Right here, right now I am at one with myself: that sweet innocent little girl, that stubborn rebellious young lady and that warm maternal wise woman have all come to gather, come together.
This is a meeting of connections, meeting of omnipresent energies, a meeting of ubiquitous spirits. Turns out this right here was destined, like a forced, pre determined marriage. Only to take place when the seasons change, fruits are fertile, ready to cultivate. 
This is the moment they all waited for, this is the moment, the magical moment the glorious torch is passed. 
The very deep breath that once was promised, that one very specific, exhilarating final deep breath that brought all these souls to life. 
There was something majestic, beyond epic about this bloodline, setting souls on fire everywhere they touched down while being the very heroes that saved souls.

This right here is your front row ticket to witness greatness, the moment one cycle ends another begins. Day meets night. The sun finally meets the love of its existence.

We give thee earth to keep you grounded and feed you, fire to stir life into all that is around you, water to give you endless & pure strength, the wind to guide and give you peace.
We shall meet again my dear, we shall meet again in the next full moon and sunrise, we shall meet again by the mighty old tree that is our life force when your time comes. 
Until then always remember you are not alone, trust in you and all that protects you. All the answers you carry within you, be kind to yourself. Always be kind to yourself my dear.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Know your worth

 Know your worth, beautiful stranger. The material world was created by the invincible world. True worth is beyond the physical, it’s the invincible part that makes you. Its what cant be seen by the naked eye that is your most valuable asset. Be not fooled by the bright lights and false promises of a paradise, for your inner fire is the final piece that brings the puzzle together and makes an impeccable, flawless landscape.
You are truly wealthy when you can stay clam in the midst of adversity, stack up on one of the most valuable assets you can acquire; peace of mind. People will take a lot from you. Your truth, hope and peace of mind should never be what you give up.
 Make reconciliation with your spirits, be your minds best friend, your hearts first love and your souls other half. Then and only then can you complete another being and the forces may be with you, beautiful stranger. Be a loyal employee to love, in all its shapes and forms. Clock up on over time. Like a mother, never able to clock out. Be sturdy as your foundation, light as a feather, graceful like the north wind when you embrace love. Sometimes we forget that love is lifes most valued mistress, death its soul mate. Bare this in mind, meditate to this.
Your stop is coming up, beautiful stranger. Make me proud; forever reminisce on the part of your journey we shared, the advice, laughter and most importantly guard your greatest valuable asset, peace of mind, like the rare gem that it is. Know your worth.   

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

                                                                                                                                                         Take a walk with me

 I want you to lay down your armour, I want your spirit. Fly away with me to another time and space. To a lifetime where we create our own universe, take my hand and bring the angel in me to life. Caress my wings gently, breath your fire when I take flight. Feel the drum that is my heart beat, hear the colours in my breath. Let the pitch of my voice arrest you, direct you. Trust in me, I want to take you to that galaxy, it is you I want bringing the shadow that puts the rainbow to bed so quietly. The earth has abandoned thee like a disloyal lover, come with me to the other side where the garden of memories exists. Lets go hunting for precious moments, dig for freedom with me, plant hope with me, lets pick the fruits of allevation, sit on the bench of happiness, lets walk down to the fountain of love and up to the path of eternity. What do you see my warrior?  

Saturday, 28 December 2013

                                        Letter to an old friend

If they ask you, “do you not believe?” Even when you are not 100% sure or willing to answer the way they expect or want, fear not old friend. You’re the master of the beat you move to. You do not need to listen to your heart nor your head.
Your head is the over protective logical father forever figuring out the science and the algorithm’s in the equation that is life, incessantly seeking the letter X and wondering Y? Finding the answers as swiftly and efficiently as possible. There is no such thing as a chance, don’t care for that soft lucid concept that is destiny, prefers the concrete.
Your heart is the complete opposite. Your heart is like your dear mother. Caring, passionate, sometimes irrational, always feeling whats right, over protective in a softer, more naïve manner. Willing to take a risk in what it feels over what may be. Always hopeful, sensitive with a incredible core strength. Not worried about structure in that same essence but rather a free flowing, loving, warm energy.
You on the other hand dear old friend, have another player in the game. One far wiser, understands the shifting of the universe around you. Fully understands the logic and feeling behind your every action. You see that third player, that wise old owl, always knows without explanation without fighting the other two. You may not see or hear it for a long time but fear not my dear old friend, time is like that favourite uncle from outta town always turns up on the holidays with the best presents. Keep an eye out, ears fixed to the walls, reunite your head and heart, and stand by secure and resilient. The time will come, your time will come.
So when they ask you “ Do you not believe?” You be sure to tell them; I feel a euphoric feeling running through my veins, feeding and watering every atom in me, it dwells within me, inhibits me. I see the pulse in all that’s pure around me. I sat by a majestic tree and felt its heart beat. I see the light in the night and the shadow of the day.

Stand steadfast & sturdy because every breath you take is proof in itself.  So when they ask “Do you not believe?” Remember there is only one time in your entire existence you will need to answer that question. Today is not that day my dear old friend. Step to your own rhythm, you are the perfect verse over a smooth beat

Sunday, 22 December 2013

                                   The Tales The Mirrors Told

There I stood, couldn’t believe my eyes finally adjusting to the light. I was the one in red and gold, with the mask in my hand I thought was you all along. The blindfold came on the day I shook your sweaty palm. Not realising I was in for the flight of a lifetime. I never liked superman, perfect is boring.
I had a head of steel and a heart, I was to discover in time, that was made of gold.

I faithfully took your hand as we danced into the night, two perfect strangers “right souls, wrong time” I heard. Was it I or you that whispered it?
Thinking I was the damsel in distress, sleeping beauty that had woken up to find this beautiful chocolate entity coming to my rescue. With a smile so bright and hypnotising, it made the moon shy away into the day. 
See wonder woman had won the battle, even when poison ivy crept up now and again. You were immune to her touch, lips convalescing every time and like a tortoise rolling back into its shell, you came back into my arms, your safe haven. 

The thing is, the girl that used to look back at me when i glanced at the mirror forever told me that no woman had anything on me. I was the backbone, the leader of my atmospheres.
I crafted my knight in shining armours gear.
This was my Timbuktu i had found, i was taking the knowledge and the riches home, and that I did, who has ever walked away from Timbuktu in one piece?  Heart and head forever in a battle like two siblings, couldn’t agree on you. 

So finally shook the magic 8 ball and took a chance, see I was a different type of queen. None could conquer my riches, I was destined to lead armies across lands and guard my herd like the lioness I was raised to become. 
So I walk away to the depth of the farthest oceans, recuperating back to the Bermuda triangle to find my faith. 
Here and now, the blindfold was to come off, dropped the mask, and starring back at me were the eyes with depth of the very galaxies, ubiquitous energies I thought was you, flowing through you into me.

Could it be? Was it i? Was it i that rescued you and showed you the light with one kiss?