Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Breaking point in this journey of mine.

This is why I came here...
For a long time I felt that I had a purpose but seeing that 90 odd year old man get up from that so called "house" which is four walls made of some steel structure was a breaking point in my life.

He had no strength & lost his eye sight. Has four young children and a wife who struggles with her mental capacity. So in a household of 6 people, right behind one of the richest establishments in the city, these individuals live in what I can describe has a hot box, at my best.
Completely lost for words!
The ground they live behind is a up and coming area of the city. It's behind a whole neighbourhood of NGOs. This family living in a shack, no food & what can barely qualify for a roof over their head. Health deteriorated, both physically and mentally between themselves. School for the children? No chance! How's a child meant to attend school on an empty stomach and a 90 odd year old father to help support?

A household of six individuals who are in dire need. Let that sink in for a minute.

Almost every 'mansion' houses NGO staff in the area. People that have supposedly come here to help the poor. Yet myself and my husband happen to be the first set of people to go see them! Wer told wer the first ones to ask about the people that really are in need.
This family amongst god knows how many more are living in what I am still struggling to find words for.
The security guards, bless their souls, are the ones that told us about this family. They help with whatever little bit of food they can for this family. They work 7 days a week 6pm-6am for $100 a month. This is for themselves, their families and they somehow help others around them that are worse off.

This household has no one to look out for them. A elderly man, a mentally challenged woman and four minors. The community between themselves do the best they can to feed them. That's the best they get.
This is the world we live in.
This is the world we live in.
Is this the way the worlds meant to be?

They live on the door step of people that live off millions that they gathered up on their heads.
They live in a land that can feed them 10 times over.
They live in a continent that they can support every generation of theirs to come. They belong to a global community where people are starving themselves because they don't like what they see in the mirror because it does not correspond with the image they seen on tv.

Let that sink in for a minute.

This 90 odd year old man sleeps on a rocky ground in a hot box he calls his home.

This is the world we live in.

This is my people, there is no reason why this man could not have been my great grandfather, it is just by chance that this woman is not my mother, it is just due to geographical difference as to why those little ones are not my brothers and little sister.

Despite all that he suffers from he got out of his bed to greet us, the warmest of greetings, the best smile his face could let him give, even when his strength gave up and he had to practically sit on the ground he held my hand and was offering me all the blessings under the sun. He was happy someone took the time to come and converse with him. He doesn't require much from life.
I feel so honoured to have met this family, I am so greatful and humbled to the almighty that I am in a position in my life that I am able to do something for this man and his family. There are no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Alhamdulilah.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My conversation with Xamar Cadey

It's all I've ever known. All I've ever referred to myself as,when they ask I say: gabar soomaaliyeed oo ku dhalatay Xamar cadey aan ahay.
At times wanting to roar from the top of the mountains but there were times the lioness in me retrieved back to the little cub finding her voice with a silent little hesitant whisper.
I am a second generation somali you see, I am a child of civil war. There's forever been this deep, intense passionate fire in my soul that is the love and respect I have for my ancestors. Love for the land with every fibre of my being.
But I am a second generation somali you see, a child of civil war. I was denied my rightful throne. Birth certificate burnt, libraries and schools blown up. Had no choice but to leave the warmth of my mothers embrace and my kingdom, the cool ocean breeze and the warm protection of that village that was meant to raise me.
 Departing on what was meant to be in the safety of my Moses basket, just for the oceans to spit me up at what was meant to be my Jerusalem.
Physically safe, mentally at war, sword drawn, emotionally ship wrecked in no mans land. Spiritual disconnection was what was planned for me and my generation. Our history books buried under the tree.
Was this the vision the brave warriors had when they shed blood sweat and tears to gain back what was once taken away from them 70 years ago? What is rightfully mine? Kings and queens we were born as, adopted into a world of family destruction and spiritual damnation. Without the connection to the motherland how do we rise and once again claim our rightful throne?
You see I am a second generation somali, I hear the call of the old tree. I am finding my books, my history, my heritage.

My love for you will stand the test of time.
For you once again I will cross seas, forgive me if I have been gone too long but I'm coming home Hooyo macaan.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Will you take my hand and march with me?

We let our girls open their eyes to a world full of competition and battles from every angle to just BE. Yes this is a race, can be a race. But to wake up to a world where your success is capped, your beauty is dictated, your value is set at a price, your size, your shape, a number, a man? Is that the world mother earth intended for these queens to open their eyes to? We allow our queens to believe from an early age that their value is their looks, they gotta compete with that. Your appearance is your sword. You are born with it in your hand, sharpen it. This is not your only weapon to take on the world, a great woman once told me. Line up your armour, become educated, explore, polish it. Remember your sword. Sharpen it, a skilled warrior must not necessarily use force to win a battle, bear that in mind she said. Yes a sword is a useful weapon, but in a 21st century warfare is it the most effective tool to come to attack with?You can only battle one with no sword or another sword. You have no chance to take on the man with the nuclear bomb. Your sword is outdated. Your beauty has an expiration date. Your body is a ticking time bomb. Weight is a problem. The colour of your skin is an issue it's either not light enough or tanned enough. The shape of your body isn't appeasing to the man. So for that reason you must alter it, despise it, demean it or subject it to destruction. So instead of sharpening this sword, practicing daily as part of a regime not a sole source of protection, rely on it alone by just polishing and dusting it. With that comes ruin. A sword has no use without sharpening, without practising the right technique. No point going into attack without equipping yourself with the right armour and effective planning and strategy. Without the whole package our queens do nothing else but crushing the inner majestic light that every queen is born with. Without realising they consent to their own destruction and every generation to follow.
Shame is one word our girls know far too well like the back of their hand unlike our boys. We are experts at teaching them what shame is. From looks to what career is suitable for a female, from birth we give them the impression that being born a female makes you automatically guilty. Seek marriage, have a career that doesn't offend the male. Then you might be off the hook, so you can increase the population that is blind to the beauty and strength of Mother Earth and the female form.
I want to raise a strong empress, a gentle, graceful gazelle with the strength of a lioness. Like the queens before me I want my little queen to be/daughter to stand up proud and know that if a man is intimidated by her, he is exactly the type that doesn't deserve to be graced by her shadow let alone be consumed into her ever glowing light and spirit that can bring the king in him to life. I want the chain to break, I am rattling the cage. Can you feel my frustration with this generation? This is our time! Our time to demand change. Change for all that is pure and majestic. if not for the queens that raised us or the ones that stood strong and marched for us to claim our rightful throne. Let's do it for ourselves so that one day our kings and queens to come can be grateful for leaving them with clean air, green forests and knowledge of their inner light. Let us be that generation. Will you take my hand and take this march with me?

Friday, 11 April 2014

Life is like a full on collision, you either go hard, come prepared and be a winner or remain disoriented and focus more on the audience than the star player and become the victim.
                                                            The collision
Spend more time on yourself, build you before you can attempt taking on an empire. The one that's the most self sufficient has a better chance of not only providing for himself but also his whole domain. Set goals, make notes. Proof read them, shattered those notes into millions of little pieces and rebuild stronger and more resilient from the foundation of your original script.
Be sure to thank the almighty every night before you go to bed, make peace with the day and the people that have crossed your path on this journey of yours. Thank the almighty every morning for the blessing that is another chance and opportunity to become the very best version of you. Keep striving, keep praying, keep smiling and you'll become the very definition of a majestic light.
Learn to appreciate your growth, embrace all the lessons that have been. The ones in motion and the ones to come.
Everything your going through is preparing you for what you asked for. Everything the universe has to offer is yours for the taking. Come prepared warrior of light. Recognise the strength of your energy, practice with your spirit. Never fail to respect time and it's true value and lessons.
The best way forward is forgiveness, whether it be yourself, your past or the ones you love or the repeated disappointments.
Please promise to be kind to you, forever be kind to you. No matter the circumstances or the mistakes you have made over the years. See all those dark times, those difficult lessons they were meant to happen. The almighty doesn't throw nothing you can't handle your way. Have faith, trust in you. Forever be your first love, remember this right here, right now is the best moment, the right moment to make a difference. Forget saving the planet, feeding the poor or finding the right partner. You'll be surprised how the universe aligns for you once you achieve peace with yourself.
This right here is the best moment to be at one with nature, kick your shoes off, dance under the stars, let mother earths pure energy surge right through you. You are the master of this collision that's about to take place. So buckle up and own your history.

Monday, 17 March 2014

                                                  Unfamiliar worlds

There comes a time in your journey that you need to completely immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world, in order to fully understand your own journey.

I understand that it may seem like a daunting task but ul be greatful you took the leap, because the flames always come to fear the soul that dares turn the furnace into their own personal catwalk.

Appreciate hardship, thrive off the adrenaline rush that is the difficult detours of the journey, understand the the delicate balance of the universe your skull shields, the stealth which is harboured by your rib cage.
Master your elements then, once you achieve this incessantly, only then you will be ready to enter the battlefield with infinite strength. Consume all the energy in the battlefield, master the art of fray.
The most efficient, successful warrior needs never be violent fore he has mastered himself.
Without challenges, obstacles and hurdles you cannot achieve this.
Master thee first to take on the brave new world to handle stumbling blocks that the foreign land presents.

Without faith, hope and love in your heart you will stumble at the start line. Come correct with your peace, stay in control of your actions and then you'll be ready. With great power comes great obligation.

Take a deep breath, know that you wasn't destined for greatness, you are in fact greatness. Meditate for your battle, medicate your soul with peace and love for your heart.
I see you, I see your shadow, think of me before your embark on your battle. Consume the ground with your essence. Bless it with the light of your energy. Give thanks every day and night. Alhamdulilah for what has been, for this moment and all that is to come.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The meeting of souls

There's something so magical about the darkness of the night, the enticing whisper of the evening breeze. Fear not my dear because there would be no day without night, no light without darkness. 
The magic of the sweet nothingness, so mellow, that it brings the moon to life, shining so enchantingly with its impeccable radiance. 

Find this to be the ultimate freedom. Freedom from fear, entrapment. 
Own the night, find guidance in the light that is you.

Sitting in the mountain so high. The world at my feet, for this moment, this moment right here. I am. I am all there will be, there is and has ever been.
Wrapped up in the warm blanket of my strength, shielded by my humble nature, my vulnerability protects me like an guardian angel. 
Right here, right now I am at one with myself: that sweet innocent little girl, that stubborn rebellious young lady and that warm maternal wise woman have all come to gather, come together.
This is a meeting of connections, meeting of omnipresent energies, a meeting of ubiquitous spirits. Turns out this right here was destined, like a forced, pre determined marriage. Only to take place when the seasons change, fruits are fertile, ready to cultivate. 
This is the moment they all waited for, this is the moment, the magical moment the glorious torch is passed. 
The very deep breath that once was promised, that one very specific, exhilarating final deep breath that brought all these souls to life. 
There was something majestic, beyond epic about this bloodline, setting souls on fire everywhere they touched down while being the very heroes that saved souls.

This right here is your front row ticket to witness greatness, the moment one cycle ends another begins. Day meets night. The sun finally meets the love of its existence.

We give thee earth to keep you grounded and feed you, fire to stir life into all that is around you, water to give you endless & pure strength, the wind to guide and give you peace.
We shall meet again my dear, we shall meet again in the next full moon and sunrise, we shall meet again by the mighty old tree that is our life force when your time comes. 
Until then always remember you are not alone, trust in you and all that protects you. All the answers you carry within you, be kind to yourself. Always be kind to yourself my dear.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Know your worth

 Know your worth, beautiful stranger. The material world was created by the invincible world. True worth is beyond the physical, it’s the invincible part that makes you. Its what cant be seen by the naked eye that is your most valuable asset. Be not fooled by the bright lights and false promises of a paradise, for your inner fire is the final piece that brings the puzzle together and makes an impeccable, flawless landscape.
You are truly wealthy when you can stay clam in the midst of adversity, stack up on one of the most valuable assets you can acquire; peace of mind. People will take a lot from you. Your truth, hope and peace of mind should never be what you give up.
 Make reconciliation with your spirits, be your minds best friend, your hearts first love and your souls other half. Then and only then can you complete another being and the forces may be with you, beautiful stranger. Be a loyal employee to love, in all its shapes and forms. Clock up on over time. Like a mother, never able to clock out. Be sturdy as your foundation, light as a feather, graceful like the north wind when you embrace love. Sometimes we forget that love is lifes most valued mistress, death its soul mate. Bare this in mind, meditate to this.
Your stop is coming up, beautiful stranger. Make me proud; forever reminisce on the part of your journey we shared, the advice, laughter and most importantly guard your greatest valuable asset, peace of mind, like the rare gem that it is. Know your worth.