Friday, 14 April 2017

So far so good.

Like many parents would say, they have come to understand life once their child came along. Might seem a strange thing as most people will have their child in their adulthood. (For the sake of generalisation) some people will even get to a stage in their early adulthood where they decide they want a career & maybe even travel before they make this life changing decision. I was one of those, worked out well for me.
I won't say I knew, because if I truly did then I'd have acted on them, so il just say I knew of the benefits of leading a healthy life. It came in various forms. From the supposed 5 a day to drink plenty of water. Came across a concept known as feng shui. Was raised in a household where cleanliness of a house is the reflection of the owner. Never stopped be to think twice about the God aweful mess my place was, a few friends will gladly testify. Lived on take always & redbull. Forget the health & well being degree, that attracted a deeper part of me that was yearning for a well rounded approach to what health is.
Nights out & cheese burgers were the norm.
Fast forward to a scorching hot climate on the other side of the planet, where I was born. Never mind the exact location the google maps pin would drop. I find myself naturally transitioning to healthy organic food. Camel milk as a staple diet, because I owe it to the soul sharing everything I put into my body. The minute my body started to change, I started to actually pay attention to these limbs of mine. Typical human, we truly are a peculiar species.
So when I find myself stepping into the year 2017 "healthy" having given up all vices, except for one😒 because I'm so conscious of not only what I put in my sons body but what I put on his body. I find myself questioning what kind of a mother & a woman I am. If it isn't good enough for my son, it isn't for me.. So cranking up the research adding onto what I had previously learnt. I find my hair and skin glowing. Feeling happier. Which naturally transitioned to altering not just the cream I put on but the course of my life. Walking away from a safe income, because where there is a will there is a way they said. So came the question, do you continue to dream or do?
So here I am 4 months in with more time to spend with my family, in my home, creating wealthy habits, healthy products, learning everyday, not making any one else rich but me, practicing what I preach. Leading by example not just for my son but for little old Asli too.
So the journey continues...

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