Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Globalisation & The ugly truth

In a world where globalisation is very much like the deadliest of diseases infiltrating the body. Part by part, cell by cell. Destroying every organ, one by one.
Slowly crippling the body at all cost.
Starting with the head, diluting the mind. Like ambushing a village at night fall.
Taking all the children,
killing the women and
Disarming the men.
Globalisation is appearing to be the most lethal of diseases, modern day slavery.

Slavery 2.0.

New formula, the old physical shackles and whips have nothing on this new form of slavery. Cripple the women, take over the children's minds and the nation is yours for every generation to come.

Creating a new steel box of a prison, the old wooden boats have nothing on this. Once you can get them to believe the grass is truly greener on your side, they won't have time to question why are you on their ground.

??What is your motive??

Undermine them,
turn them against each other,
alter the minds of the children and you have your very own custom made chocolate factory you can operate as you please.

Like a drug get them addicted to the pennies, killing their brother for the illusion of a utopia,
instead of asking the questions or investigating the motives.
Instead of realising the depths of wealth your ancestors left you, all you will see is the carrot not the water/life force that you carry on your back. Selling your soul for pennies when the cradle you were born in is made of the purest of gems mankind will ever know. All you had to do was to look at the in the box that you take for granted. The light and answer has always been there.

My heart bleeds for humanity.

New era expanding the world bringing everyone closer
A soul sucking new phenomena?

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