Friday, 20 December 2013

Conversation with the king to come

Life is in fact a fact, my little king. We all forget that sometimes. We forget why we are running, theres nothing wrong in joining the race but what is your cause for the race? Is it for you? Your mother, father, me, your grandfather? Or your generations to come? You see, purpose is the key to that engine, to that mystical race wer all in, as my sister and dear friend would say in celebration L`Chaim.
See hope is the petrol for that engine, purpose is what keeps you going like a can of redbull straight to your veins. Every breath is a gift, every drop of rain that touches your skin is worth more than any riches anyone can offer.
That girl with that pearly smile, breath so sweet her lips can barely contain it. Walk so melodic as if there was a beat she was walking to only you two could hear. That warm, comforting gaze, signalling for you to come over. Be careful with that one my little king, fore behind that warm gaze there may be a volcano waiting to erupt. As life goes on we pick up demons, we lock in our basements, we fail to address. I do not want your pure, fragrant, honey coated skin to burn and continue that chain of pain. Are you ready to open your basement? is she ready to face your demons?
There are a lot of things at first sight, love on the other hand is not one of them. You see love, love is a journey. Love is you my dear, love is her, love is the conversations, love is the cosmos, love is the light, love is the darkness. You cannot capture that much greatness in one glance.

 Take a deep breath, and proceed with caution my little king. Because people do fall, fall in love, in  lust, in admiration and make mistakes along the way. Its not just that cut that teaches one the best lessons but the process of healing and the phoenix within that comes to life. People do belong together, so go forth in this battle of yours my little king.

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