Saturday, 28 December 2013

                                        Letter to an old friend

If they ask you, “do you not believe?” Even when you are not 100% sure or willing to answer the way they expect or want, fear not old friend. You’re the master of the beat you move to. You do not need to listen to your heart nor your head.
Your head is the over protective logical father forever figuring out the science and the algorithm’s in the equation that is life, incessantly seeking the letter X and wondering Y? Finding the answers as swiftly and efficiently as possible. There is no such thing as a chance, don’t care for that soft lucid concept that is destiny, prefers the concrete.
Your heart is the complete opposite. Your heart is like your dear mother. Caring, passionate, sometimes irrational, always feeling whats right, over protective in a softer, more naïve manner. Willing to take a risk in what it feels over what may be. Always hopeful, sensitive with a incredible core strength. Not worried about structure in that same essence but rather a free flowing, loving, warm energy.
You on the other hand dear old friend, have another player in the game. One far wiser, understands the shifting of the universe around you. Fully understands the logic and feeling behind your every action. You see that third player, that wise old owl, always knows without explanation without fighting the other two. You may not see or hear it for a long time but fear not my dear old friend, time is like that favourite uncle from outta town always turns up on the holidays with the best presents. Keep an eye out, ears fixed to the walls, reunite your head and heart, and stand by secure and resilient. The time will come, your time will come.
So when they ask you “ Do you not believe?” You be sure to tell them; I feel a euphoric feeling running through my veins, feeding and watering every atom in me, it dwells within me, inhibits me. I see the pulse in all that’s pure around me. I sat by a majestic tree and felt its heart beat. I see the light in the night and the shadow of the day.

Stand steadfast & sturdy because every breath you take is proof in itself.  So when they ask “Do you not believe?” Remember there is only one time in your entire existence you will need to answer that question. Today is not that day my dear old friend. Step to your own rhythm, you are the perfect verse over a smooth beat

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