Sunday, 22 December 2013

                                   The Tales The Mirrors Told

There I stood, couldn’t believe my eyes finally adjusting to the light. I was the one in red and gold, with the mask in my hand I thought was you all along. The blindfold came on the day I shook your sweaty palm. Not realising I was in for the flight of a lifetime. I never liked superman, perfect is boring.
I had a head of steel and a heart, I was to discover in time, that was made of gold.

I faithfully took your hand as we danced into the night, two perfect strangers “right souls, wrong time” I heard. Was it I or you that whispered it?
Thinking I was the damsel in distress, sleeping beauty that had woken up to find this beautiful chocolate entity coming to my rescue. With a smile so bright and hypnotising, it made the moon shy away into the day. 
See wonder woman had won the battle, even when poison ivy crept up now and again. You were immune to her touch, lips convalescing every time and like a tortoise rolling back into its shell, you came back into my arms, your safe haven. 

The thing is, the girl that used to look back at me when i glanced at the mirror forever told me that no woman had anything on me. I was the backbone, the leader of my atmospheres.
I crafted my knight in shining armours gear.
This was my Timbuktu i had found, i was taking the knowledge and the riches home, and that I did, who has ever walked away from Timbuktu in one piece?  Heart and head forever in a battle like two siblings, couldn’t agree on you. 

So finally shook the magic 8 ball and took a chance, see I was a different type of queen. None could conquer my riches, I was destined to lead armies across lands and guard my herd like the lioness I was raised to become. 
So I walk away to the depth of the farthest oceans, recuperating back to the Bermuda triangle to find my faith. 
Here and now, the blindfold was to come off, dropped the mask, and starring back at me were the eyes with depth of the very galaxies, ubiquitous energies I thought was you, flowing through you into me.

Could it be? Was it i? Was it i that rescued you and showed you the light with one kiss?

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