Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Yin to my Yang

When our eyes met it was as if the universe came to life. We shared a cosmic moment. Who was he? It didnt matter, he was the opposite to my light. 

He made me hear the sweetness of the colours, see the sparkle of sounds, left me feeling the bittersweet dark chocolate linger. 
The ever so peaceful river was flowing below with its golden glow, so elegantly, seductively, moving like the rhythm of our bodies. 
He was pursuing me like a prey, said i was like "day break in a never ending tunnel" made his heart beat like the score of a perfect melody. 
I was mesmerised by his warm, delicious, intense radiance. 
It was the way his smile brought the universe to my feet, the fire in his eyes light up my entire existence. 
The rainbow was to become our love child. 

We took turns to bring light to the world. As my time drew to a close, slowly drifting away as his presence consumed the world, I find myself wondering when will we embark on the pilgrimage to our light?

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